Workshop The Outstanding Woman


The last 30th of September, I ran the Workshop The Outstanding Woman

It was a very special and unique moment, which the aim was to empower fantastic women, restoring and strengthening their self-confidence, responsible to raise their self-esteem and the belief in their internal potential, which is the key to all the human accomplishments.



DC (Financial Administrative): “I can say that it has encouraged me enough as a human … to be a better person …. incredible as it may seem in a matter of hours I felt a positive energy … with hope in the future and with the desire to learn more! Thank you for your dedication and for sharing all the wisdom you have acquired, you contributed to my evolution as a woman/human being! You’re going to change mindsets and give motivation to the intended objectives throughout life, I’m sure! I really enjoyed it and I’m waiting for the next one!”

MS (Entrepreneur): “I participated in the workshop of Danielle Martins on September 30, 2017. What I have to say is that I loved, loved her story, her tips, her advice and, above all, her uplifting energy. A workshop like this is very good to encourage people, especially those who are afraid, insecure to risk and go after their goals, to not be afraid of the dark. I, for example, was afraid to risk doing things in fear of failure, but after that lecture, I feel safer, more confident, without fear of risking and moving on, thanks to Danielle Martins. I look forward to the next workshop! Thanks!”

Because a woman who invests in herself, that knows what she wants and how to get it, is happy and fulfilled.

The contents are perfect for being presented in corporations. Happy and confident employees, take the business to higher levels!

To your success,

Danielle Martins

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