How to use the power of self-knowledge to close the gap between what you know and what you do!

These days, just being the best-qualified professional in your area may not be enough to get the results you would like to get.

There is a big difference between the accumulation of information and action.

If you believe that you can increase even more the results you have achieved in your company, then the time has come to close that gap that separates what your employees know (intellectually) from what they do (through the use of emotional intelligence).

It is a specially developed program so that people can deepen in self-knowledge. It is based on the identification and change of paradigms, transformation of the self-image and self-empowerment.

Topics covered:
  • Understand how the human mind works;
  • Understand that the part that controls our knowledge is not the same that controls our actions;
  • How our thoughts, feelings, and actions produce our results;
  • Understand what paradigms are and how they control almost all human behavior. This is the key to unleashing amazing personal growth that will profoundly and positively impact outcomes across a wide range of areas of life (personal, professional, relationships, etc.).

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