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Today, I come here to give you a very special gift: the “I am a winner” workbook!

It was developed with much love, so you can make a “record” of your daily victories.

There was a time in my life when I heard people speak of “gratitude,” and that I should feel gratitude, and that abundance was drawn to a grateful heart … but the truth was, I looked at my circumstances and found no reason to be grateful.

Without going into details, the reason I could not feel gratitude was because I just thought I was “losing” in all areas of my life, I could not see progress in the actions I took, could not see important steps I took toward my goals, I could not contemplate the tremendous inner strength that governed my attitudes and more.

Every great journey always begins with a step!

The day I began to train my mind to see all the good things that happened to me over the course of my days, I began to realize how lucky I was and my heart was filled with gratitude, spontaneous, and immensely.

A compliment for a well done job; My own achievement by having overcome a challenge; Acknowledge that when something seemed to have gone wrong, the fact that I “trusted” the universe and saw that the good I wanted to achieve was guaranteed; A well spent day with the ones I love; Making a wise decision;

Our days are full of victories and acknowledging and contemplating them fills our hearts with gratitude, and gratitude fills our life with abundance!

It was with much love and gratitude that I developed this notebook so you can experience this positive habit of recording your positive moments and I am sure you are going to love it!

Click HERE and download your FREE “I am a winner” e-book and enjoy the wonderful exercises!

To your success,

Danielle Martins

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