Podcast Interview With Danielle Martins On Mental Slavery for Natasha Lalwani Ep3

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Last month I had the honor of being interviewed by this lovely human being, Natasha Lalwani for her podcast, Unfiltered Emotions, an amazing show in which she discusses with guests, interesting and inspiring subjects on self-growth and mental health.

On Episode 3, I was her guest to talk about How to Free Yourself From Mental Slavery.

In this Episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of having a Gratitude Attitude;
  • How to give a New Meaning to things that have hurt you in the past;
  • The importance of Having Mentors;
  • Realize that the only obstacles between you and your dreams are only in your own mind;
  • Some Levels of Awareness and How to Identify Them;
  • How to Stop the Negative Self-dialogue and Experiencing True, Sustainable and Successful Self-transformation;

Make sure you listen to this amazing Podcast and enjoy all the wisdom we have shared in it.


Danielle Martins

Strategic Life Mentor/Coach, International Speaker, and Co-author of the bestselling book Rising Up From Mental Slavery

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