My name is Danielle Martins. I was born in Pernambuco, Brazil and had that feeling that was born to do something greater in life!

My childhood was marked by the transmission of limiting beliefs about me as a human being, about my abilities and my potential.

As a consequence of all moral abuse suffered in the early years of my life, my inner conversation shaped itself according to those false beliefs, at that time, already deeply ingrained in my mind… I had begun to believe that everything they said about me, was true: that I was not intelligent enough; that I was ugly; that I was bad!

My adolescence was worse and in the adulthood, I felt lost … out of course. No matter how much effort I could put to try to change my life, all culminated in mediocre results, validating the misconceptions that ruled my actions at that time.

In an attempt to make a radical change in my outside world, my husband and I decided to leave Brazil and start it all over again in Portugal. We were very successful in our choice and, for the first time, we had that feeling that “finally I’ve done something right”, however, my results were not consistent: sometimes times things turned out as planned and between ups and downs, “experiencing more of the downs”, I realized that I was immersed in a routine that lacked the “emotional fulfillment”, living day by day, pay-check to pay-check.

And on top of my mediocre professional and financial results, I was also not even taken seriously and was not respected by the people around me until one day, I really got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and I started to seek a greater understanding about my existence!

Questions and more questions began to consume me, day and night: What is the meaning of life? How to find emotional fulfillment in what we do? Who am I? And it was then that I began to study the human mind.

I spent years doing a deep research and reading  (and will continue doing this until the end of my days), I became a voracious reader about the development of the human potential.

As I was discovering and putting those concepts into practice, I started to experience a positive and consistent change in my results: I achieved professional stability, financial stability, stability in relationships and, indeed, what made all those achievements possible… emotional stability!

It was only after a drastic change of paradigms that I was able to experience what it is to live a life where everything outside of me is in perfect alignment and in harmony with my inner being. In the past, I struggled to try to change my outer world, without success, because I did not realize at that time, that what needed to be changed was already inside of me: my way of thinking!

This was an “awakening” for me and I realized that I was not the only one … the vast majority of people also struggles to change things and people around them, because they do not see that the only person that can be changed are themselves.

Just as I was fortunate enough to have decided to dive deep into this journey of self-knowledge and to have been mentored by Bob Proctor, considered by many, “The Father” of human development at the present days, I decided to extend this knowledge and today, I dedicate myself to transmit and continue this mission of providing more people to have access to the same tools that had such a profound transformative impact, not only in my life but also, in the lives of millions of people all around the world.


Through lectures and workshops aimed to deliver the tools to create a deep inner transformation, I feel fulfilled every time I see that sparkle in the eyes of someone who has just discovered his/her own greatness; every time I help someone to see in himself/herself, what he/she had not seen before: his/her infinite potential to create the life he/she really wants!

I am also the co-author of the transformational bestselling book, Rising Up From Mental Slavery – How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential, in which I present well-designed tools and strategies with proven scientific effectiveness in the human development and behavior, to help you to change your paradigm and create positive and consistent results.

Change your way of thinking and change your life for the better!

To your success,

Danielle Martins