Rising Up From Mental Slavery – How to Unleash Your Infinite Potential

If you are holding this book, chances are you are looking or something more from your life. Perhaps you feel you are capable of achieving more than what you are currently achieving, but you just don’t know how or where to start. Do you feel an urge to expand your financial success, create a stronger romantic relationship, carve out a better work/life balance, or gain increased freedom to do what you want, when you want? Perhaps deep down you do, but you are asking yourself: Am I capable? Can I really have all the things I dream of having? The answer to these questions is YES!

In this book, you will:
• Discover proven practices designed to help you overcome your limiting beliefs
• Learn how to increase your point of attraction by changing your self-dialogue
• Get tools to discover your life’s purpose to unleash your infinite potential
Be inspired to take action and move passionately toward your dreams
• Realize that YOU are absolutely all you need—and fall in love with yourself again!

“You are capable of achieving more than you know, and this book will help you do it!” — Bob Proctor, Speaker, Author, and Featured Teacher from “The Secret

“You can’t change anyone else but you. This book teaches exactly what you need to know to unlock your greatness.”
Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author, Musician, and Featured Teacher from “The Secret

“In this book, Danielle Martins and Katerina Cozias offer wise, practical guidelines for breaking through limiting mindsets to the freedom of consciously and passionately pursuing one’s highest potential in all aspects of life.”
Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of “Spiritual Liberation” and “Life Visioning”, and Featured Teacher from “The Secret

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